We offer refried pinto beans, whole pinto beans and whole black beans.  Beans served with a meal will be refried unless requested otherwise. For consideration of our gluten-free clients we only use gluten-free rice flour and gluten-free seasonings in all our sauces. 
With the exception of our flour tortillas, everything offered is gluten-free


Our Nachos are fresh, crispy chips covered with hot melted cheese and garnished with tomatoes
and green onions. Jalapenos upon request. For Deluxe Nachos with sour cream and guacamole, add 1.95

Nachos Cheese
- Chips with Cheddar cheese...small  4.95 large  5.95

Nachos Beef - Ground Beef with Cheddar cheese...small 6.95 large 7.95

Bean Nachos - Beans and Cheddar cheese... small 6.95 large 7.95

Nachos Picadillo - Spiced shredded beef with Cheddar cheese...small 7.95 large 8.95

Nachos Chicken - Shredded chicken with Cheddar cheese small 7.95 large 8.95

Super Nachos - These house nachos come topped with beans, guacamole, sour cream,
mild chiles, tomatoes, onions, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses
small 9.95 large

Mexican Pizza - Deep-fried flour tortilla topped with beans, beef, Monterey Jack cheese, tomatoes,
green onions and garnished with sour cream and guacamole
 (Chicken or picadillo, 1.00 extra) 

Chicken Taquitos - Deep-fried flour tortilla filled with fresh, tasty chicken or
on a bed of lettuce garnished with sour cream & guacamole

Quesadillas - Flour tortillas stuffed with melted cheese, onions, mild chiles served with
sour cream & guacamole

Cheese Crispi - Deep-fried flour tortilla covered with melted Cheddar cheese 6.95

Camarongos - Prawns and mushrooms sauteed in a sauce of butter, garlic and mild spices
16.95 Large 24.95
Small, half-pound - Large, one-pound

Cheese Dip - Cheese sauce with jalapenos 5.95


Our Enchiladas are freshly made with rolled corn tortillas and
topped with melted cheese. Served with rice and beans.

           Enchilada de Cangrejo             
Two tortillas, flour or corn, rolled & filled with fresh  
Dungeness Crab, cilantro, tomato & onions.   We then 
top with Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream & avocados 

Enchilada de Camaron
Two tortillas, flour or corn, rolled & filled with fresh
shrimp, cilantro, tomato & onions. We then
top with Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream & avocados.

Enchilada Verde
Your choice of filling topped with green tomatillo 
sauce, melted cheese and sour cream.

Two 10.95 One

Enchilada  Rancheras
Traditional style enchiladas made with salsa from
Cuautla, Mexico. Topped with Ranchereo cheese.


Mole Enchilada
Chicken, Beef, or Picadillo cooled in a delicious sweet & spicy Mexican sauce
One 8.25 Two 10.95

Enchilada Picadillo
Lightly spiced, shredded beef
Two 9.95 One7.95

Chicken Enchilada
Tender shredded chicken
Two 9.95 One 7.95

Beef Enchilada
Seasoned ground beef
Two 9.50 One 7.50

Cheese Enchilada
Made Los Camperos’ special way!
Two 9.00 One 7.00


A rolled flour tortilla topped with a sauce and
melted cheese. Served with rice and beans.
*Rice & Beans inside.

*Super Burrito 
A burrito rolled with rice, beans, cheese, 
 sour cream, lettuce, tomato, Parmesan cheese and  
 your choice of meat fillings guacamole and sour cream.

Deluxe Burrito
Flour tortilla filled with your choice of chicken, or ground beef, picadillo, 
covered with lettuce, onion, tomato,  guacamole and sour cream.

*Expresso Burrito 
Filled with rice and beans and your choice of beef, 
chicken or picadillo topped with guacamole, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. 
 sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

*Vegetarian Burrito
Flour tortilla with refried or whole beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, then topped with guacamole, 
diced tomatoes and onions and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese

Pork Burrito 
Chunks of pork in a light tomatillo sauce with green
peppers, onions, spices and topped with verde sauce.

Colorado Burrito
Stuffed with chunks of beef, cooked in a tasty
 chile sauce and topped with Colorado sauce.


Bean Burrito 
Seasoned refried beans, without meat.

Chorizo Burrito
Filled with Mexican sausage & scrambled eggs

Bean & Beef Burrito 
Beans and ground beef 

Chicken Burrito 
Tender, shredded chicken

Picadillo Burrito
  Seasoned shredded beef


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